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Warcraft 3 1.28 Patch _TOP_ Download

Warcraft 3 1.28 Patch Download >>

Warcraft 3 1.28 Patch _TOP_ Download

Between the Patches is a huge time window. What matters are the final effects of the Warcraft 3 Patch 1.28.5. Because of that, the provided download is the 1.28.5 version. Have Fun playing, for all Patches checkout our WC3 Patches Overview!

Patch Notes:--------------------------------------------------------------------------Patch 1.28.5--------------------------------------------------------------------------Bug FixesFile paths and user names think more globally in game and World EditorWorld Editor properly imports custom assets againSwitching between Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne no longer causes a crash--------------------------------------------------------------------------Download Patch 1.28.5Since patch 1.28 offline patch installation is not availableHow To Manually Patch Warcraft 3

Ever since the new 1.28 Patch, Warcraft installations run over new "Launcher" and are immediately patched to the current 1.28b. Re-installing or re-patching to an older version will not resolve the issue.

Updating to the latest version requires the use of the "Warcraft III Launcher" program. Clicking on "" in the main menu will automatically attempt to patch the game to the latest version, and will download and run the "Warcraft III Launcher."

AHT v2.9.11 has pseudo chat detection system that listens to enter click. So it is good to use only in wc3 1.30. (In this patch you can't read chat state, and button clicking is weird).AHT v2.9.8 has new options for 1.29 patch. It can be also used for patches that are less than 1.29, but you should ignore checkbox for 1.29 patch+. Which can be confusing for someone.AHT v2.9.4 is just working AHT for patches 1.28 or less.

Probably because 99% of the LoD players play on RGC. And it probably takes more effort to patch it to work with 1.28 which they probably see as a waste of time due to their main playerbase not using 1.28. 153554b96e

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