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FairUse Wizard 3D R2 Full Edition

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FairUse Wizard 3D R2 Full Edition

fairuse is a very effective solution for those who want to convert vcd, svcd, dvd and dvd-r/rw discs to popular video formats such as divx, xvid, mpeg-4, avi, wmv, h.264 and more. fairuse offers various settings for you to adjust the video quality, as well as settings for video/audio conversion.

this first part is a general guide to fairuse wizard 3d r2, how to create a project, how to encode the dvd and how to save the output file. the next part will be about the technical stuff (finally) - how to rip a dvd, how to set the options and how to optimize the output file. if the guide seems a bit confusing it's because we want you to have all the options you want and to choose the settings you like. if you don't want to encode a dvd to xvid, the guide will tell you how to encode it to h264 instead.

in the next step you can choose the folder you want to save the output file in. fairuse will give you a preview of the output file. this is a bit confusing at first as you see a preview of a dvd you can rip but the size of the file you will get is pretty much impossible to guess. but don't worry because it will be exactly the same size of the dvd you are ripping.

the next step is to choose the settings you want for the output file. fairuse will give you a long list of possible settings. which settings you choose is up to you. many people will go for the highest possible quality, but there are other settings you can use. fairuse will give you a preview of the settings as well.

of course, fairuse wizard is not limited to xvid or h264. it can rip into other codecs as well. if you are ripping a dvd, you can check out the settings and choose the settings that suit your needs the best. 3d9ccd7d82

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